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When we established the business in 2014 we purchased the very latest high power, variable spin commercial washing machines that can comfortably accommodate a 7’3” Premier Equine heavyweight combo or other similarly bulky rugs.

We also have a large capacity, low spin tumble dryer for stable rugs, fleeces and coolers plus internal (heated) and external drying areas for New Zealand Rugs.


Every rug is logged individually and then tagged on arrival with a unique number to ensure that it is clearly identified through the washing, proofing

– and if necessary – repair service.





We only use Nikwax product for washing and reproofing the majority of our client’s rugs.  We believe it is the best on the market.

We do use a woolcare product for Newmarket sheets and Melton Day Rugs, and also offer a non-biological detergent for horses that may be particularly sensitive.





We offer a full repair service – from a broken front clip to a major overhaul! We have a heavy duty commercial sewing machine that will tackle most challenges!  We use NEW replacement buckles, straps, surcingle material as standard, but hold a small stock of used buckles/clips etc – please just ask when we do your repairs if you would like us to use these.   Many of our clients with event yards/riding schools etc want the BEST possible care for their rugs but also need to manage every element of their costs quite tightly.

We are very happy to quote in advance for individual repairs.





Please refer to our price list for individual items.  We have chosen to offer a flat price for all New Zealand rugs for our wash and reproofing service.

This means there are no hidden extras for extra large sizes or combo/rugs with necks.


Payment is made on collection or delivery of your rugs.  We accept cash, cheques (payable to Yeo Farm) plus debit and credit cards – payment using cards can either be made over the telephone or here on site at Yeo Farm.



Stable Rug






Turnout Wash & Reproof






Summer Sheets/Exercise Sheets



Fly Sheets/Sweet Itch Rugs






Numnahs/Hoods(per load)



Travel Boots(per set of 4)



Bandages(per set of 4)



Dog Beds(per load)


Horse Rug Cleaning and Horse Sheet Washing

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Horse Rug Washing and Horse Sheet Cleaning
Horse Rug Cleaning and Horse Sheet Washing